Philippe de Pontet

Acoustic rock with a spoonful of soul


I am a singer-songwriter, guitarist and percussionist based in Washington DC., where I’ve been playing and performing for over 20 years. I play gigs across the DMV, both as a solo performer and in duos with some of the region’s top musicians; see the shows section of my website for recent and upcoming gigs. My shows feature a variety of genres, including a blended ‘rock and soul' sound that has broad audience appeal (see partial song list in my website’s music section).

I bring a soulful acoustic spin to the rock, country, folk and soul tunes I cover. Laid-back authenticity, groove-oriented strumming and emotional depth in my vocals are hallmarks of my style. I often combine my solo act with duo sets  (see below) where I play hand percussion and harmonize with other guitarists, adding variety and rhythmic punch  to the show. I also play  percussion in Washington DC's premier funk rock band Magnelove, which gigs across the DMV. Whether looking for a solo, duo or full band act, I’m a one-stop shop for venues seeking great local live music.

Music & live video

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    Loser 4:51

Videos: Solo


I love to combine solo and duo sets, or play duo shows outright to add variety and added breadth to my performances. I find the duo format is an ideal alternative to uni-dimensional solo performers or excessively loud (or expensive) bands. One of my duos, Magnelite, features myself on hand percussion and vocals and longtime musical partner Matt Shuster on guitar, vocals and bass. We play a wide range of covers and some originals spanning rock, funk, soul, reggae and indie genres. Some featured artists include Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grateful Dead, Henry Styles, Steve Miller Band, Ben Harper, Funkadelic, Dave Mathews Band, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, James Brown, and Bruno Marx among others. 

I also regularly play duo shows with other top guitarists in the DMV, including Adam Knudsen, Dylan Lee and Kobie Ali, each of whom brings a unique sound and style. Hand percussion, including congas, cajon, djembes and talking drums propel the songs forward in a deeply rhythmic pulse that will get your toes tapping. We can’t wait to bring your event to the next level. 

Duo Videos: Strum & Drum

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