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I am a singer-songwriter, guitarist and percussionist based in Washington DC., where I’ve been playing and performing for over 20 years. I play solo and duo gigs (often combining both in a single show) in bars, restaurants, wineries, breweries and house shows across the DMV. While my live shows mostly feature cover songs, I have finalized two EPs of originals, collaborating with some of Washington's finest musicians.   I also play percussion in Washington DC's premier funk rock band Magnelove, which gigs across the DMV and is available to play at venues that prefer bands. Whether looking for a solo, duo or full band act, I’m a one-stop shop for venues seeking great local live

WHAT TO EXPECT:  I play a wide variety of genres, including a blended ‘rock and soul' sound that has broad audience appeal.  I bring a soulful acoustic spin to the rock, alternative and indie songs I cover by artists like Talking Heads, Nirvana, Grateful Dead, Beck, Prince, Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye and others. I often combine my solo act with duo sets  (Magnelite, see below), where I play hand percussion with other guitarists, adding variety and additional rhythmic punch  to the show. 

Duo Option:  Magnelite

Magnelite is a dynamic duo that combines hand percussion, guitar and vocals in a rhythmic and soulful sound that is perfect alternative to loud bands or unidimensional singer-songwriters. In my gigs I often mix solo sets with my Magnelite duo for maximum variety.  Magnelite has played across the DMV at taverns, wineries, restaurants and house parties. We play a range of genres and styles including rock, raggae, soul and funk — and many shades in between. We cover artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, Sublime, Bob Marley, James Brown and Aerosmith. We always try to ‘read the room’ to make sure our sound, volume and song selection are well suited to the venue and its patrons. As a result we tend to get a lot of repeat gigs. We can’t wait to bring your event to the next level! 

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