I play a wide range of cover songs spanning everything from rock to indie to soul and beyond. My 'songbook' includes over 150 songs, including  singalongs, anthems and more obscure gems that will get your toes tapping and your head thinking. I try to inhabit each song while putting my own spin on it, often with a soulful take. I combine elements of 'rock and soul' in my music, seeking to blend together these (and other) genres in a unique way. Covered artists include Talking Heads, James Brown, the Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Beck, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, U2, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, REM, Depeche Mode, Bill Whithers, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, the Clash, The Beatles and Sting, among others. My songbook includes beloved singalongs, deep cuts and points in between;  regardless, I always try to inhabit the spirit of the song while putting my own stamp on it, typically in a soulful direction.



Psychokiller – Talking Heads   

About a Girl – Nirvana    

Sympathy for the Devil –Rolling Stones    

Can’t Get what u Want–Rolling Stones   

Turn on lovelight Grateful Dead  

Need a miracle Grateful Dead   

Come as you are, Nirvana  

Born to be Wild, sheet  

Deep Elem – Traditional    

Manic Depression – J. Hendrix    

Bertha – Grateful Dead    

Dark Hollow – Grateful Dead     

Saw her Standing There – Beatles  

Already Gone – Eagles    

Walk On – U2    

When I’m 64, Beatles,   

Alabama Getaway Grateful Dead  

Race is on, Grateful Dead,   

It’s all over now, Stones,   

Big hunk of love, Evis,   

Runnin down a dream, Tom Petty,   

Daddy Sang Base, Johnny Cash  

Slip Sliding Away – Paul Simon   

Under my Thumb, Rolling Stones,   


Razor Love – Neil Young    

Girl from N County Fair – Dylan    

So Many Roads – Grateful Dead   

Life in the Fast Lane – Eagles    

Casey Jones – Grateful Dead  

Don’t Think Twice – Bob Dylan   

I Shall be Released – Bob Dylan    

Knockin Heaven’s Door–Clapton   

I must be high – Wilco, Sheet  

Here for You – Neil Young    

Comfortably Numb, P Floyd  

How sweet it is, Marvin Gaye  

Champagne Supernova, Oasis 

With or without you, U2  

Angel from Montgomery, Bonny Raitt,  Turn the Page, Bob Segar  

Amazing Grace3  

Dear Mr. Fantasy – S. Winwood  

I shall be released, Dylan,   

Losing my religion, REM  

Direwolf – Grateful Dead  

Box of rain Grateful Dead  

No complaints, Beck  

Heaven – Talking Heads   

Perfect Day, Lou Reed  

Gravedigger, Dave Mathews  

Everybody hurts, REM  


Ramblin Gamblin Willie –Bob Dylan  Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix    

Riders on Storm – The Doors   

Minglewood Blues – G.ratefullDead  Steamroller – James Taylor    

Peter – Grateful Dead    

Ballad of Hollis Brown –Dylan   

Truckin’ – Grateful Dead    

Know You Rider – Grateful Dead    

Sea of heartbreak – Johnny Cash  

People are Srange – Doors   

Catfish John Grateful Dead  

New speedway boogie, Grateful Dead Willin’, Little Feat  

And it stoned me, Van Morrison  

Cant you see, Marshall Tucker band, House of the Rising Sun, Conway Twitty Ballad of Hollis Brown, Bob Dylan Don’t think twice, Bob Dylan  


I Got You – James Brown    

For What its Worth – CSN    

Where its At – Beck   

Rock the Casbah – The Clash   

When the saints go marching in  

Waiting on a friend, Rolling Stones Got to give it up, Marvin Gaye  

Walk on, U2  

I know what I know, Paul Simon  

Maggie May, Rod Stewart  

I can see clearly Now, Johnny Nash  

Sitting on the dock of a bay, Otis Redding Grapevine – Marvin Gaye   

Wait till the Midnight Hour, Otis Redding Come Together, Beatles,  

Take Me to River–Talking Heads   

Ain’t no sunshine – Bill Whithers  

Elevation, U2  


Goin down the road, Grateful Dead

Can’t always get what u want, Rolling Stones,

Satisfaction, Rolling Stones  

Country Roads – John Denver   

She-ll be coming around the mt,   

Heard through grapevine, M Gaye  

And she was, Talking heads   

The gambler, Kenny Rogers  

How sweet it is, Marvin Gaye  

Wild World, Cat Stevens  

Cats in the cradle, Cat Stevens  

I can see clearly now, Johnny Nash  

The Weight, The Band  

Truckin’ – Grateful Dead  

Pride, U2  

I’d die for you, Bon Jovi  

Knockin on heaven’s door,  Bob Dylan Personal Jesus, Johnnie Cash  

Faith, George Michael  

Purple Rain, Prince  

People are strange – Doors   

Ticket to Ride- The Beatles    

I’d Die for You – Bon Jovi   

Old Man, Neil Young  

On the Road again, Willie Nelson  

Already Gone, Eagles 

Sweer child of mine, Guns and Roses When I’m 64, Beatles  


A Big Hunk of Love – Elvis  

On Road Again – Willie Nelson   

Heartbreak Hotel – Elvis  

Big River, Johnny Cash  

Monkey and Engineer, GD  

Heartbreak Hotel  Elvis  

Ghost riders on the storm, J Cash Fulsom Prison Blues – J Cash   

Take it Easy – Eagles   

Dear Doctor – Rolling Stones   

Friend of Devil – Grateful Dead  Understand Your Man – J. Cash Here for You – Neil Young  

Ramble on Rose GD  

Tennessee Jed GD  

You Win again, Hank Williams Mississippin halfstep, GD  

One of these days, Neil Young  

Mamas don’t let sons be cowboys. Willy  

Good hearted woman, Willy Nelson

 Old King Coal, Sturgill Simpson 

Sing Me Back Home, Merle Haggard Wild Horses, Stones  

Keep your hands to yourself  

Good hearted woman, Willie Nelson


Easy Skanking – Bob Marley  

One Love – Bob Marley  

3 little birds  - Marley


Stella Blue – Grateful Dead   

High Time – Grateful Dead  

Wharf Rat – Grateful Dead   

Comes a Time – Grateful Dead   Candyman – Grateful Dead  

Cold rain and snow, GD  

A Day in the Life, Beatles  

Loser – Grateful Dead   

Black throated wind GD  

Strange apparition, Beck  

Brokedown Palace,  GD  

Golden Age – Beck   

Row Jimmy – Grateful Dead  


She’ll be comin’ round the mt.

tsy Bitsy Spider  sheet  

Hokey Pokey   

5 Little Monkeys  sheet  

Little Light of Mine  sheet  

If You’re Happy and know it  sheet Stand by Me  sheet  

Lean on Me  (Bill Wither)

Baby Beluga  

Cat came back  

Puff the magic dragon  

Octopus Garden  


Santa Claus Coming to Town

White Christmas  

Feliz Navidad  

Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer

Happy Xmas– John Lennon 

Silent Night 

Jingle Bells – xmas book  

Little Drummer Boy 

Amazing Grace   

I’ll be home for Christmas

Frosty the snowman,

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

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I am excited to announce that I am launching an EP of original music in early 2022 called Which Way? The songs blend an acoustic indie sound with driving hand rhythms, playful lyrics and soul. The EP will make you think and tap your feet in equal measure. As Frank Agbro, a Washington DC-based musician, empresario and radio DJ (89.3 WPFW) put it, "The songs here a highly original and thought-provoking, with a strong underlying groove and deep lyrics."  

This project comes on the heels of my extended demo Unwind Your Mind in 2019 and Side Hustle, a collection of covers completed in 2018. Having played all the instruments in the first two projects, including guitar, vocals and over a dozen percussion instruments I am now joined by some of DC's finest up and coming musicians on Which Way? These collaborations add melodic layers and textures to my hand rhythm-driven sound, blending in sax, flute, violin, bass and additional vocals. The result is hypnotic, with lots of space for improvisation amid a 'live sounding' recording. 

Something unexpected happened on the way to making Which Way?What started off as another project of covers morphed into originals, with most of the songs coming about mysteriously, pried loose by intuition. Cooking up lyrics and melodies has been an unexpected joy verging on obsession.   

My music combines hand percussion, quirky melodies and lyrical word play in a soulful indie vibe. I rely heavily on intuition, rhythmic exploration, and subconscious thinking in my songwriting approach. Hopefully this promotes originality, allowing me to retain a distinct voice while straddling different genres and influences such as soul, Indie, world music, rock and folk music.  

Layers of percussion drive these songs forward, creating an ambient and syncopated backdrop that is a bit unusual in melody-driven Indie music. The lyrics may dominate the conscious mind but the beat comes first and sets the parameters on where the songs go. Dan Lipton, a masterful singer-songwriter, said, "This project is a percussive lyrical journey—from political commentary to introspective scrutiny, and the spaces where public and private meet."  

There’s no overarching theme here but recurring ideas loop in and out of the tracks. There are songs that veer into politics, others that explore ethical and psychological dilemmas, and others that mostly play with words and beats. The disorientations of our “plague life’” are not front and center but form a background context, as does my hiatus from office life, adventures in fatherhood, an uneasy dependence on technology and environmental degradation, amid the toxic setting of Trumpian chaos. But it is not all gloom and doom as the sometimes-dark commentary is leavened by fun beats, lyrical wordplay and elements of hope and redemption. I’ll leave it there. Hopefully Which Way? will fill in the gaps even if the way forward remains uncertain. 

Below is a sample of originals from Which Way? and my next project called  Escape.

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Other Recording Projects


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