a funky, jammy, word-clever album of songs ” - Greg Walker

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offers a subtle and sublime ambience, with unique melodies” - Zone Nights

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enormously creative, vibrant and intriguing lyrics.” - Margaret Adams

Alchemical Records

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I am a singer-songwriter, guitarist and percussionist based in Washington DC. My music combines hand percussion, quirky melodies and lyrical word play in a soulful indie sound. I rely heavily on intuition, rhythmic exploration, and subconscious thinking in my songwriting approach. I am finalizing two EPs of originals, collaborating with some of Washington's finest musicians, with the first scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2021. I play in DC venues on my own and as the percussionist in the power duo Headband, with the incomparable Matt Lawrence. I am always eager to collaborate with other musicians as a percussionist, songwriter and vocalist and am available to provide tasty hand percussion to other singer songwriters looking to add some rhythm to their repertoires.

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